Busy Bee Organics is an established, unique meal prep company local to Jersey City and Hoboken. With a staff of nutrition professionals and natural food chefs, our fully prepared meals are designed with your health and busy schedule in mind. Busy Bee was established in 2014 and focuses on making your life easier through “peace of mind” organic, nutrient-dense ingredients meant to help you power through your day. All of our meals are plant based, gluten-free and dairy-free to start with your choice to add on a responsibly raised meat or cheese to any dish! Vegetarian? Vegan? Paleo? No problem, we have your back- All meals are customizable to your preference!

In addition to meal delivery, Busy Bee partnered with The Brunswick School in 2015 to curate a nutritionally sound, allergy friendly organic food program. Now serving over 200 kids 5x a day, we have fine tuned how, why and what our “mini bees” enjoy eating on our health supportive menu! Gobbling up roasted veggies daily, indulging in lentil stew, quinoa flax carrot cake bars, and avocado toast (to name a few) we are confident the minis bees at TBS are growing strong bodies and minds with the proper fuel. 

We understand in this area we are ALL busy bees and here at Busy Bee, we are dedicated to bringing ease and peace of mind by fully preparing all of your meals in a nutrient dense, health supportive and delicious way!