“Food: The essential nutritive energy source for human life. Food provides an uncanny dynamic of texture, flavor, fragrance, emotion, and satiety all harmonized between infinite varieties of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.  My life is dedicated to executing a delicious and romantic blend of entertainment for our mouths while energizing and supporting health in our bodies.” -Michelle 

Founder, CEO, Nutritionist & Chef

I first began to connect body and food while in college. I developed an eating disorder in my teens that carried into my twenties. I strived for the skinny body by eating fat-free and sugar-free options of every processed food because cookbooks and diet books told me that was the best way to a “fit” body. I deprived my body of nutrients and struggled with body image and bulimia without an end in sight. I lost hope in myself and thought that I would eventually find my demise in that disease.

 It wasn’t until the day that I found a health supportive culinary school in NYC, The Natural Gourmet Institute, that I changed the rest of my life. I began to appreciate and connect food to health rather than a means of gaining/ losing weight. Food began to be a friend, not an enemy, and before I could even realize it, my mentality and disordered eating habits had diminished.

 I currently have my BS degree in Dietetic Nutrition and am a certified Natural Food Chef. My “Cinderella story” lands me in Jersey City, NJ as the proud owner/ founder of BUSY BEE ORGANICS. At Busy Bee, we are dedicated in providing the “busy bees” of our community with health-supportive, flavorful grab and go foods for every lifestyle.  I dedicate my every day to help others gain clarity with eating habits and provide education in nourishing our bodies with each bite.

 Health food does not have to be bland and predictable.
My healthy food point of view is to prepare every meal with aesthetic appeal, complementing textures and flavors and a health supportive promise with each flavorful addition.

“Let thy food be they medicine, and thy medicine be thy food.”  -Hippocrates


Screen shot 2015-10-21 at 10.13.48 PMSARAH SIEVERING
Editor/ Lead Contributor “The Buzz” Newsletter

 Sarah Sievering or “Swinnybee” is a wellness enthusiast and blogger at The Daily Nourish. In addition to sharing her passion for living an authentic and balanced life with others, Sarah loves noshing on plenty of Busy Bee Organics goodies, practicing yoga, getting creative in the kitchen, knitting lots of scarves, sipping tea, snuggling animals, and spending time with family and friends. Sarah resides in Jersey City, NJ with her husband PJ and rescue wolf, (dog) Toby & Princess Rey.    







Rebecca Yellin
Consulting Nutritional Assistant

Rebecca Yellin is an undergraduate student at Montclair State University where she is studying for her B.S. in Nutrition and Food Science with a concentration in Dietetics. At school, she sits on the Executive Board as Secretary of the Montclair State Dietetics Organization (MSDO). 

Rebecca is thrilled to be a part of Busy Bee Organics, a business that gives back to the “busy bees” of the community by providing them with proper nutrition without sacrificing flavor. She assists Chef Michelle with kitchen management, recipe standardization, nutrition calculations, contributing to the Busy Bee Organics Instagram account and more! 

When she isn’t assisting Chef Michelle, studying, or meeting for MSDO, Rebecca volunteers throughout New Jersey. She enjoys gaining knowledge from all food and nutrition realms by volunteering at local community farms, hospitals, and a plethora of food and nutrition related events. As well, cultivating healthy breakfast recipes, baking, and cooking is a way she enjoys spending her time. As an aspiring Registered Dietitian, her goal is to help people get back to the basics by eating whole foods. She hopes to teach people that maintaining a healthy life style, finding a diet unique for them, and making healthy food that tastes delicious is possible!


FullSizeRender (89)Marisa Teiner, Nutritionist & Health Supportive Chef, has been in the wellness field for 15 years, providing health education and culinary nutrition for healthy living.  

Marisa began her career from working as a teenager at health food stores to evolving into a nutritional professional and culinary spokesperson for premier spas including the Canyon Ranch and the Regency Health Spa in South Florida.  Marisa holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and is a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Cookery School in NYC.  Marisa was the lead Nutritionist at the East Orange Child Development Center in East Orange, NJ and believes that introducing new foods early on is essential to establishing a lifetime of healthy eating habits.  She was the Chairperson for Food Development and organized a monthly Menu Committee in which children were the focus groups. 


She believes that you must look to the whole food traditions of our healthy ancestors, as well as, modern scientific studies.   Her goal is to teach and inspire people to be healthy and happy.  Her passion is to help others find balance and to achieve and sustain a healthy body, mind, spirit and lifestyle.


Outside of the kitchen, Marisa loves to hike, paddleboard and snowboard and is the proud mother of 2 wonderful children, Chace and Livia. 




Certified Elementary Educator, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Busy Bee Meditation Consultant
Jess’ teaching style focuses on alignment with an attention to detail.  She teaches with warmth, enthusiasm, and creativity. She sees yoga as a practice that can be strengthening, invigorating, relaxing, healing, and fun; her mission is to make this contemplative and beneficial practice accessible to all.  She enjoys teaching all types of students: beginners, experienced yogis, pregnant women, new mamas, children, and individuals affected by cancer.  Jess guides her students to find an accessible yoga practice that fits the rhythm of their life and that honors their body and mind to bring more ease to the ebb and flow of their daily life.

As an elementary school teacher with a Masters degree in education, Jess made movement activities an integral part of her work with children in the classroom setting. Jess was also a volunteer teacher for nine years at Gilda’s Club, a cancer support center, for individuals affected by cancer.  She has had the honor to be a guest presenter on meditation techniques and practice for the Stone Center for Yoga’s 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training the past three years. 










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